Califonia Air Tools SPC03 Air Compresor Sound Proof Cabinet

Califonia Air Tools SPC03 Air Compresor Sound Proof Cabinet
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  • Item #: SPC-03

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS SPC03 Air Compressor Sound Proof Cabinet is designed to reduce the noise from an air compressors by at least 40%.

The SPC03 Soundproof Cabinet is made of a sturdy metal frame and weighs 130 lbs.

The interior of the cabinet is lined with 1/4" Acoustic Sound Proofing Foam insulation to reduce vibration and noise.

The cabinet has two latching door handles that allows for easy access to the air compressor and components.

The two cabinet exhaust fans are designed to remove air from the cabinet for a cool working condition for the air compressor.

The 4 caster wheels makes moving the air compressor from location to location very easy.

This air compressor sound proof cabinet is ideal for anyone working inside a (office, shop, store, warehouse, lab or home) were noise is a major issue.

1. Insert your air compressor into the cabinet.                                                                                                                      

    (Please leave at least a 4" space around the air compressor for  ventilation and to prevent excess overheating).

2. Plug in your air compressor into outlet plug. located inside the cabinet.

3. Run your air hose through the air hose hole located at the bottom of the cabinet back panel.

4. Pug the cabinet power cord into a power outlet.

5. Close the cabinet door and turn on your air compressor from the cabinet on/off switch.



* Reduces Noise by 40%

* 110v / 60 hz

* 14 Amp 36” Power Cord

* 3 Prong Power Cord Plug

* (4) Swivel Caster wheels

* Exterior - L (26") x W (30") x H (39.5)

* Interior - L (24") x W (26") x H (34)

* 130 lbs.

* 1 Year Limited Warranty



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