Activated Alumina (1lbs)

Activated Alumina (1lbs)
  • Item #: DY-DESSICANT

Activated Alumina is used to remove the moisture from the air used in an air compressor drying column.


Activated Alumina is used in air prepurification (due to it's high water and carbon dioxide adsorption capacity) and adsorption of sulphur compounds.


This item is sold in 1 pound bags.


This 1 pound  bag of Activated Alumina is use for 1 drying column on the following models.

CAT-8010DSPC, CAT-8010DSPCAD, CAT-8012DSPC, CAT-8012DSPCAD, CAT-10010DC, CAT-10010DCAD, CAT-10010ALFDC, CAT-10010ALFDCAD, 10020DC, CAT-10020DCAD, CAT-10020DC-22060, CAT-10020DCAD-22060,CAT-20040DC, CAT-20040DCAD




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